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20+ years of professional writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, co-authoring - books and articles. International #1 best-selling author

America's top publishing strategist and writing coach that gets results.


Multi-million dollar award-winning proposals, marketing, branding &

planning documents.

Editing Services:

 Structural/Developmental Editing, Copy/Line Editing, and Proofreading



Re-IMAGINING the magazine for 21st Century IMPACT.

STREET CRED eMagazine has revolutionized the impact of magazines for small to mid-sized businesses and


Leveraging your credibility and brand in newly-imagined ways!


If you want to own 100% of your book and control 100% of your content, then boutique indie publishing is the right

path for you.


Several publishing options and publicity packages available as an alternative to self-publishing.


Partnering with reputable and high-performance  publishers and book publicity firms in 

the United States and Canada.






America's Top Publishing Strategist

With more than 20 years of professional writing and editing experience and 10s of millions of dollars worth of revenue generated for her clients, Daphne has taken a deep dive into the publishing world with 21st Century knowledge and strategies.


Daphne is an international bestselling author, editor in chief and producer of the former Forbes Living magazine, is widely published in national and regional magazines, professional award-winning blogs and best selling books as a writer, co-author, editor (and ghost writer, but shhhh - we can't talk about that!).


She has created and launched several highly successful eMagazines for her clients over the years, and in the Fall of 2021 will launch STREET CRED eMagazine under her own brand to create a publication that can transform small businesses and entrepreneurs with the multi-media tools they need today to compete

in the massive new digital and information markets emerging by the minute.

Based on the performance of her work, Daphne is widely known as America's top publishing and storytelling strategist. She most enjoys ghostwriting and editing, capturing others' stories, mapping out patterns and shaping the 3D versions of their content for readers to engage and experience, becoming emotionally, creatively, and intellectually connected for a transformational journey that reaches beyond words.


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Sample Work

eMagazine | Handbook

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work samples.

The eMagazine includes all articles, ads and design elements created exclusively and 100% by me.


The handbook is a joint project between me and a client. It is SATURATED with typos and errors!! BUT, it was completed and published in 72 hours for an event. We kept the errors to illustrate to people that even an imperfect book is far better than no book! Interestingly, Grant Casrdone tells a similar story with his Millionaire Secrets Handbook where he claims it was originally published

with 69 errors!


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